General Information

Our main objective is to be sensitive to the environment when carrying out our production and leave a better world to future generations.

Occupational Health And Safety

Having been committed to zero occupational accidents and diseases, we have embraced proactive and participatory approaches so that our employees can work in a way that does not put them at risk in terms of physical, social, and mental aspects. To this end, all our employees participate in efforts regarding occupational health and safety policies and procedures that will help create a safe and healthy work environment. Inspections carried out both by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and our customers proved that our company meets all the occupational health and safety legal legislation requirements.

Environmental Management

With its effective environmental policies, Özak Textile minimizes the effects of its activities on the environment.
Regarding our production process;

- Our wastewater is treated at treatment plants and discharged in accordance with legal values. This discharge process is carried out with the discharge license given by the relevant directorate.

- Our waste is classified as hazardous or non-hazardous waste and sent to recycling plants and/or licensed waste disposal companies. This process ensures recycling and safe disposal of waste.

- We carry out water saving control and improvement policies in order to maintain the biological diversity. As part of these policies, we buy state-of-the-art machines and use different chemical agent variations to reduce our water consumption. In accordance with this purpose, we carry out joint projects and R&D work with our customers.


We aim to reduce CO2 emissions arising from our activities. With this purpose in mind, every year we calculate our carbon footprint and constantly check and follow our road map to reaching this goal. We reduce heat-based emissions by using sustainable technologies (chimney heat recovery systems). As our business grows, our responsibilities towards all our shareholders increase. That’s why we are committed to maintain our joint work regarding sustainability. We also provide training sessions to raise awareness among our employees and shareholders so that we can achieve our sustainability goals. click.

Chemical Management

We carry out a proactive chemical management to completely eliminate hazardous chemicals in our production process through chemical risk controls and/or to reduce their hazard levels through substitution management. Among the most important aspects of our chemical management strategy are to determine the effects of our products both on the environment and human health and to achieve our 2023 goal of Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC).

Our solution partners to help us achieve this goal are DyStar, Rudolf, Garmon, and CHT/BEZEMA, all of which boast international reputation and competence.

Supply Management

We created an efficient mechanism to evaluate and inspect contract manufacturers and suppliers. We regularly carry out site visits to make sure our suppliers also work in accordance with legal regulations and customer standards all the time.